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    • Spaces Are Limited So Only Apply If You Are...
    • Aged between 30-55 years
    • Willing to train 3 times per week at our Performance Centre
    • Willing to follow a Nutrition Plan specifically designed for you
    • Ready to turn heads when you walk down the street
    • Prepared to be made accountable and called up if you don't make your sessions
    • Female looking to lose at LEAST 7lbs

    Next 28 Day Transformation Starts 13th February 2017


    Discover the REAL Secrets to Losing Weight and Instantly Increasing your Energy for just £77 £49

    Get Personal Trainer Results for a Fraction of the Price

     In fact, we often produce better results than most PT's. With our no stone uncovered approach making sure you get from where you are now to where you want to be in minimal time. You'll get to experience our Step by Step guide thats got 100's of people in great shape and kept it that way.

    Why We Are So Good At What We Do...

    We're worked and helped 100's of people who have all got great result whilst with us. Having worked with some of the Worlds Leading Experts in Nutrition, Health and Fitness. We're now ranked as one of the Top Personal Trainers in the UK.  gilld

    Drop at LEAST ONE Dress Size or Your Money Back!

    Give us just 28 Days to help you get in the best shape of your life or we’ll give you your money back…no questions asked!

    Transformations is what we do…Accept No Imitations!


    It can be quite intimidating when you first come but you’ll soon realise that we’re one big happy family who all have the same goal in mind. To increase our fitness, lose or maintain our weight and have loads of fun doing so.
    Learn from Personal Trainers like myself (Kevin) and Jessie who have been where you might be now and find out exactly how we got such great results using our very own systems!
    Just because we’re Personal Trainers doesn’t mean that we’re gifted with perfect genes, we personally know the difficulties that most people looking to lose weight struggle with.
    We’re not telling you it’s going to be easy but we are telling you it’s going to be worth it.
    If you haven't exercised for some time, your body will be a little 'shocked' to say the least. So we recommend you come along  a week before you start your programme with us (if you book early with us).


    Once you've downloaded our Accelerated Fat Loss System Plan and 7 day meal planner, you'll be able to apply just a fraction of what we cover on our transformations.
    We're not a Quick Fix!
    Our 28 Day programme is designed to Kick Start your Fat Loss Results but for most of us losing weight is a continuous battle and we often find it's even harder to keep off once we've reached our goal.
    Thats why we continue to help you provide the right foods, so you can continue to lose weight to your desired goal or just maintain your current weight. Without counting any calories, you'll get a monthly Macronutrient breakdown (personal to your activity and body type) of what you should be eating each day.
    Nutrition plays a big part in your results and with Kick Start Boot Camp we cater for Vegetarians and meat eaters.
    Note: The Accelerated Fat Loss System is not our vegetarian plan.
    Mandy Malhi

    Ok so the weigh in is done 13.5inches off and started 11 stone 5 today i weigh 10 stone 3 well that will change after my feast i have planned but one cheat meal eh!!!! Whoo hooo happy days today....Good luck to u all ladies weve done the transformation

    Mandy Malhi
    Saira Kapil

    Ok I've weighed myself and I've lost 3.5 kg! Just over half a stone. My clothes feel so much looser and fit better and I feel healthier! Plus I enjoy coming to boot camp - I've never really stuck at any form of exercise before but I enjoy these sessions.

    Saira Kapil

    Since joining Boot Camp 2 months ago, I'm in the best shape I've been in years and have new found energy and confidence that helps me as working Mum spend time my family. Thanks for making this happen.


    Rajindra Rajindra

    I've lost 12lbs, not quite the stone I wanted to lose but I know that if I hadn't started the transformation the numbers on the scale would have gone up. Ten inches off all over and two off my waist which was one of my goals. I've brought two new tops in a smaller size and they fit perfectly and I've gone down a trouser size as well.

    My next goal is to lose another 7 lbs in the next 5 weeks. Particularly important to me as before I started the transformation my blood test results showed I was in the pre-diabetic range. My next blood test is end of jan and by then I want to be back in the normal range.  I feel so much better physically and mentally.


    Helen Tracey Helen Tracey

    I have been going to KSBC for over two years now and in addition to meeting some lovely people have discovered a completely new way of exercising. Kev is extremely knowledgeable and has a way of making exercising fun and accessible. KSBC has not only helped me to improve my race times, but has also helped significantly increase my core strength and overall fitness. This has meant I am also less prone to injury and am not getting bored with exercise anymore. I cannot recommend KSBC highly enough.

    Anna Munro Anna Munro

    I can honestly say that since starting, I have never felt better, fitter or stronger than I do now. It's a testament to the team that people notice how well I look and how much energy and motivation I have. What is most fantastic though is that it doesn't matter what your fitness level is to start with (my mum came and she's 65!!), everyone works at their own level and the most amazing thing is progression in people who have just started out.

    Kate Kirkpatrick Kate Kirkpatrick

    I never thought I'd be the type of person who loves to train outdoors but I love it and love the results I get from it. Each session is completely different and by the end of the week I feel that I've worked every muscle in my body. The support is outstanding...its like having your own personal trainer to contact whenever you need to know something.

    Corinne Corinne

    Kick Start Boot Camp in a word is AMAZING!. Kevin the trainer is superb, during the sessions he is supportive, enthusiastic an motivating. Every session is totally different, the exercises never get boring or easy. The group of bootcampers are brilliant. Everyone is so encouraging of one another and no one is ever left behind. Kevin will go out of his way to help in anyway possible. I was a member of a local gym for two years as well as attending various ‘trending’ fitness classes and getting zero results. In the first month of Kick Start Boot Camp I lost in total over 11 inches and 18lbs in weight. It speaks for itself, its excellent value for money and you have the support of other bootcampers as well as Kevin who will help and be there for each individual. I can REALLY feel the difference in my body shape and energy levels, its amazing. I would highly recommend Kick start Bot Camp to anyone of any starting level you will not regret it.

    Lolita Lolita

    I love everything about Kick Start Boot Camp, its like nothing else I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot of ways to lose weight without success. From the moment I started, I felt part of the family thanks to the support from Kick Start Boot Camp.

    Be guided throughout the entire process was so different to me and believe this is what helped me so much during my journey. I didn’t have to second guess, everything was covered from what to eat and when to exercises at home to follow along to.

    Annie Annie

    So, the results are in and I've managed to scrape through and achieve my goal of 12" loss. I'm stoked and now focused to lose another 3" by the end of January. This week has been hard as I've mainly spent my days and nights at work.  This experience has been life changing and feel very privileged to have met a lovely bunch of ladies who have kept me going through this.